Moves Help

Tracking problems on iPhones

  1. Do you have Background App Refresh enabled for Moves? (iPhone Settings app > General > Background App Refresh) => Please enable: Moves cannot work in the background without it.
  2. iOS 7.0–7.0.6 only: Do you “close” the app manually by swiping it up in the multitasking UI (the view you see when you press the home button twice)? => Please don’t: Moves will stay off until you start it again.
  3. Sometimes iOS needs to free memory for other apps and this may cause Moves to be stopped. Moves will attempt to wake up again as soon as possible. Avoiding use of memory-intensive apps, such as games, may help avoid this issue.
  4. Moves stops temporarily when it’s updated to a new version. After an app update, Moves will automatically wake up when you start moving geographically. To avoid “Moves off” section while stationary, explicitly open the app after an update.
  5. Location services were turned off. You can turn them on in iPhone Settings app > Privacy > Location Services.
  6. One more possibility is that background activity permissions are mixed up for Moves in iOS. A workaround to reset them is:
    1. Ensure you have created a Moves account
    2. Delete Moves from your phone
    3. Reboot the phone
    4. Reinstall Moves from the App Store
    5. Reboot the phone again
    6. Open Moves.